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#00135 $15.27 Aviclens 100ml
#00067 $20.37 Aviclens 250ml
#00066 $25.17 Aviclens 500ml
#00010 $39.37 Aviclens 1l

Ingredients: Chlorhexidine gluconate

Guaranteed Analysis: Chlorhexidine gluconate 10mg/mL

Directions: Mix 5 mL per 10 litres of drinking water.
Aviclens, when used regularly, greatly reduces the time required to scrub water dishes. Aviclens should also be used when soaking or sprouting seed. Soaking seed greatly increases the bacterial, yeast and fungal content of the seed, this is potentially harmful. Bacterial diseases such as E.coli are commonly transferred by soaked/sprouted seeds.
Aviclens prevents the multiplication of bacteria and yeast in the water supply. Clean safe water is critical to the long term health of the bird.
By reducing the water borne organisms that attack the immune system, Aviclens takes up the fight against the "Grunge Syndrome". Improving the water quality of animals is a well recognised method of improving production (eggs or young) and reducing the death rate.

Notes: Keeps Drinking water sparkling clean. Reduces the contamination of water by algae, fungi and yeasts in water containers. with Aviclens the water stays clean and fresh. Aviclens slows the fermentation process during seed soaking hence reducing the bacterial contamination of the seed, making it safer for breeding birds and nestlings.

Storage & Availability: Store below 30C (room temperature).