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No Banding Tool Necessary

2 Sizes for Finches and Canary's!

Solid Colors - Each band is numbered #1 through #20  

Note: The numbers on the bands ave very small "like the bands" and are the same color as the band so you would have to be very close to the bird to read the numbers.

Directions: To split bands open break one off the stick and use a tool such as a "dull" butter knife or small flat head screwdriver and gently pry the band open "part way", then softly pinch the band closed between your finger and thumb around the birds leg.  These bands are made of aluminum which is a soft metal and will easily bend open or closed and hold their position.  They can also be removed much easier than plastic bands should that ever be necessary.  


Aluminum FINCH bands must be ordered "20" bands per stick/color..


#1601 $3.99 Aluminum 2.55mm FINCH Split Bands 20 count

Aluminum CANARY bands must be ordered "20" bands per stick/color..



#1602 $3.99 Aluminum 3mm CANARY Split Bands - 20 count