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Calcium Gluconate 23% Solution

500ml Bottle - * Provides 2.14 grams calcium
Contains boric acid as a solubilizing agent.
Electrolytes per 1000 ml:

  #140 $4.99 Calcium Gluconate Solution 500ml

Calcium Gluconate 23% Solution - Aids in feather development when molting, produces strong eggs shells during breeding season and helps considerably in eliminate egg binding in hen Gouldian Finches.  A "must" in preparation for the molting and breeding seasons.  

Should be refrigerated after opening!

Dose: 2 tablespoons per gallon of water during breeding, otherwise 1 tablespoon per gallon 3 to 4 days weekly during molting and breeding.

Can be mixed together with the molting aid , Frisky Finches Feather Glow, Frisky Finches Breeding Aid and we suggest you mix it with the ronsivet for canker or "Amtyl if necessary" for your sick birds. (Mix each product only at the recommended doses per gallon)

Keep Out of The Reach of Children

For Avian/Animal Treatment Only