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Frisky Finches Exclusive

Breeding & Stress Aid for all Birds

Finally... A product that works! This exciting new breeding formula has shown promising results for us and is being used professionally with many other breeders on multiple species of birds!  Try it, you will be glad you did...

During the past year Frisky Finches, and a few other select breeders, have been experimenting with this new exciting vitamin and mineral breeding formula.  We have noticed our birds are more energetic and active during the day. You will see added vitality in your breeders as we have.  It has greatly improved our birds breeding productivity and hatch ratio. 

This product can also be used in the recovery of stressful conditions such as bird shows, racing or training pigeons, breeding, shipping, vaccinating or medicating birds. Another benefit is this is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. One pint bottle will make up to 198 gallons.  A really cost effective product.

Ingredients: 6 Essential Fertility Vitamins, 4 Powerful Stress Reducing Minerals - Highly Concentrated - Water based formula for easy fast mixing...

#239 $6.99 4oz Breeding Aid
#240 $12.99 8oz Breeding Aid
#241 $24.99 16oz Breeding Aid
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Breeding Aid

Breeding Aid contains a blend of essential Fatty Acids essential for breeding birds.

#00357 $10.97 100ml Breeding Aid 
#00476 $19.17 250ml Breeding Aid
#00309 $25.37 500ml Breeding Aid
#00269 $43.57 1L Breeding Aid

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Frisky Finches Exclusive

Premium Baby Hatchling and Young Bird Food Mash - Now Enriched with Extra Vitamin E!

Please click on the "details" button above for more information.  Our exclusive premium hatchling food is turned in a large mixer with all the "additional ingredients" listed below. This thoroughly coats everything with a fine vitamin and mineral powder which the birds ingest while feeding their babies.  We feed it to our birds dry and they get water as needed prior to feeding their babies.

Frisky Finches is the only one to offer this exclusive concept and it really helps to build bulk and size to your hatchlings and baby birds while giving all the birds what is necessary in their daily nutritional requirements to be healthy and strong.  

It's the most nutritional and best quality baby bird food available anywhere. Proven and tested for many years!

Additional Ingredients: 17 Vitamins, 3 forms of Calcium, 38 Trace Minerals & Elements W/Amino Acids, Charcoal, Organic Iodine & Organic Ingestible Diatomaceous Earth added to kill any hatching insect eggs, larva, crawling insects in the seed and kills some worms in your birds.

Temporarily out of stock
#104 $5.99 Hatchling Food 1lb (this size for 1 or 2 pairs of breeders)
Temporarily out of stock
#105 $16.99 Hatchling Food 3lb
Temporarily out of stock
#106 $27.69 Hatchling Food 5lb
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Vetafarm - 250ml Calcivet 

A strong liquid Calcium and Vitamin D3 formula to be used as an in-water or in-feed supplement. Aids in molting birds feather development.  A "must" in preparation for the molting and breeding seasons.  

Calcivet will dramatically improve egg shell quality and bone strength. Helps tremendously in egg hatchability and if used with Frisky Finches other products will eliminate egg binding in the Gouldian finch!

Calcivet is administered to breeding birds for one month prior to egg laying and until the baby birds leave the nest.  

This product does not have to be refrigerated.

Calcium %: Aprox 33.0 Grams per Liter

#00021 $12.57 Calcivet 50ml
#00475 $18.07 Calcivet 100ml
#00017 $25.17 Calcivet 250ml
#00019 $37.77 Calcivet 500ml
#00463 $64.27 Calcivet 1l

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Nekton E 35gr - Vitamin E Breeding Supplement

Contains Vitamin E, aid's to fertility and better hatching results. Best aid to preparing your birds for pressures of breeding season. Vital role in maintaining  fertility.  See "details" for more info...

#202035 $9.99 Nekton E 35g
#202075 $18.99 Nekton E 70g

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#1lb (2 Gallon) Bag - Bermuda Grass Nesting Material

Temporarily Out of Stock #160 $4.99 Bermuda Grass Nesting Material 1lb

Bermuda grass makes excellent nesting materials for most small birds and finches.  

We have been using it for nesting material to breed our Lady Gouldian Finches for many years.  

A #1lb bag of Bermuda grass is enough material to fill about 4 to 6 or more Gouldian nesting boxes. 

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Assorted Hand Crafted Wooden Nesting Boxes

Quality nesting boxes for all Finches, Small Birds, Parakeets, Canary's, Love Birds and Cockatiels.

"Specialty Wooden Gouldian Finch Nesting Boxes W/Porch Entry"

All nesting Boxes come with entry perch and top door which opens for viewing.

We also carry Airline Approved Wooden Shipping Crates.

Prices from $4.79 to $29.99 + Shipping  Click here for more information

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"NEW ALUMINUM" Professional Breeder Quality Finch and Canary Split Leg Bands


No Banding Tool Necessary

2 Sizes for Finches and Canary's!

Solid Colors - Each band is numbered #1 through #20  

Note: The numbers on the bands ave very small "like the bands" and are the same color as the band so you would have to be very close to the bird to read the numbers.

Aluminum FINCH bands must be ordered "20" bands per stick/color..


#1601 $3.99 Aluminum 2.55mm FINCH Split Bands 20 count

Aluminum CANARY bands must be ordered "20" bands per stick/color..



#1602 $3.99 Aluminum 3mm CANARY Split Bands - 20 count

Disclaimer:  The author of this website is not a licensed veterinarian. The information and advise contained within is only offered as a basic introduction to the Gouldian Finch and comes from over 10 years personal experience breeding this species.  Our success is also attributed to 30 years of accumulated avian knowledge breeding various other bird species, veterinary advise, research and discussions with other professional breeders.  

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you will find it informative and helpful.

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